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A sideblog dedicated to Sean & Alex (aka the Princess and the Seal) -- the star-crossed lovers from Nikita. [ ]

sean pierce’s face appreciation
↳ 3.11
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I was browsing the Sean Pierce tag (in hopes of a miraculous new edit or something) and came across an ask meme where someone said they thought the writers loved Sean the most
lol, loved sean


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salex au | Working for Amanda, Sean and Alex work to take down Michael and Nikita and the rest of Team Nikita. Their true identities as moles are slowly revealed, however, and events take an emotional turn.
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ULTIMATE SHIPPER MEME: [4/5] gazes & stares
↳ sean & alex (2.21), "I said those things because I wanted you to hear them. Because every once in a while, there’s a crack in that wall, and you give me this look. Yeah, that’s the one."
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for you, dear [multicouples]

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