Title: Neptune

Artist: Sleeping At Last

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super-henry-cavill: OMG listening to "Goodbye by Apparat" reduced me to a messy pile of sobs and feels. I will never get over Sean's death :(

Yup, yup. Same. It’s a beautiful but emotionally devastating song (I love and hate it???). And I never will be over his death either, babe.


I basically live through fics, AUs, and constantly shove Sean in other people’s faces because the majority of this fandom refuses to acknowledge he ever existed, including the showrunner and writers themselves

Title: Goodbye (Instrumental)

Artist: Apparat

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— Anonymous: i listened to it and now i have a question: whyyyy? whyyy would you do this to mee? just when i thought it couldn't get worse

I suppose I could’ve been kind and spared you even more pain, but if I have to suffer so do you. Also,


— Anonymous: everytime i hear goodbye by apparat i have this urge to lie on the floor, cry and roll around in my tears and misery. they couldn't have picked a better song for that scene. aside from the fact, that sean's death was stupid as shit, that is.

yooooo, I still can’t listen to that song without feeling completely dead inside. it’s a good song, but that scene just ruined the song for me??? though I agree, the choice of music was a+. and if you think that version is heartbreaking try listening to the instrumental version