sean & alex halloween series // separated during a zombie plague, sean and alex fight their way to meet up at a rendezvous point. once reunited, however, their struggles have only just started

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Who else is really fricken pissed that they killed off Sean’s character? He and Alex were supposed to have a happily ever after ! :( what makes it worse is that after he died, it was as if the crew didn’t care, or that he didn’t have that much of a influence on them. Alex and Sean were the cutest couple on the series, they shouldn’t have killed him off-and when they did, they should have, at least, made the death scene more impacting and longer. After his death, Alex only mentions him a couple times and doesn’t even seem that sad. He was a HUGE part of the team and a part of Alex. I still love the series- I just hate how it ended without Sean. </3 :’((((


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