How long is your break gonna last? Mine ends on the 23rd. :( I really don’t wanna go back. School sucks.

I just finished watching series 3 a few hours ago. For some reason, I cant remember the name of his companion though :/ thats weird. Either way I was really glad to see that she was on DW because she plays a character on one of the CW shows so I instantly recognized her. :) I’m gonna start series 4 today. I’m so glad I started watching this show. It’s really great, thanks a ton for recommending it to me. Which season was your favorite? I know I’m only up to S4 but I’m curious to know.

I’ve been using the break to catch up with shows too: Castle… well that’s pretty much it. Just Castle. Haha but what do you think of TMP?! I’m so glad you’re watching it. I only know one other person who watches it :/

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sean & alex meme: [6/8] episodes

→  ARISING; I’m glad you’re looking out for me, Sean. I know I don’t always make it easy.”

↳ anon asked : sean/alex or sam/alex?

Hi, Cate. Remember me? How are you? : ] I FINALLY started watching Doctor Who again yesterday. Thank goodness for Spring Break, seriously! I was crying so hard at the end of S2 (yes, I’m still only up to S2. :/) when Rose and the Doctor couldn’t continue on their journey together. And when she told him she loved him ? oh my goodness… and when he cried? I wasn’t ready for all of that. It was so heartbreaking. And I loved Rose sooo much! I’m so sad she’s gone. :’ [ I feel like I’m so behind on everything. I’m only up to season 3. (/.\)

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Give it up, I would give everything up. Every last breath, every first taste, for you. Just to make it alright. Just to make it alright. But its too late to go back. I can see the darkness through the cracks. Daylight fading, I curse the breaking. The day is gone. The day is gone…

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